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"Finding the right relationship has never been easy, especially for most women. In many instances, women continue to stay with men who will only break their hearts. This is a cycling process wherein a woman who has undergone such bad relationships will experience the same scenario with "the same man" in a different body. Anyone who is looking for the best resource to redirecting love, life and energy to a favorable relationship, Pouring My Love In Broken Vessels, The Relationship Reference Guide by Kimberly Massey is the ideal option."


Excerpt from Chapter 1 "I Am A Gallon and He Is A Shot Glass":

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"The root of this problem stems from the innate characteristic of being a nurturer. God created a woman to be a nurturer by nature. The anatomical proof is the presence of a womb in the physic of a woman. It is the only organ created to nurture the life and existence of another person. This ability to nurture reaches far beyond our physical structure to influence how we nurture the people and the things in relation to us. Sadly, when we meet this man who has limited capacity to love and receive love, we shift into ‘nurturing gear’ and overcompensate in giving our love to ‘grow’ the relationship. In essence, the gift that we are to give to our children and to our dreams, we extend to emotionally underdeveloped men. Ladies, it is misplaced! You are to love the man and nurture the relationship"




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