“When the Storm IS Your Shelter”

This presentation is designed to inspire and empower navigating and leading in transition. 

Living means changing.  Transition is inevitable. Many people, professionals, organizations and relationships are shipwrecked during the turbulence of transitional storms.  There is a better way! This keynote topic explores how storms are a natural process of growth and how they are used to create and establish effective outcomes and increased results.

  • You will develop a sustainable approach to leadership by applying firm principles and practices.

  • You will synthesize an effective plan to clearly direct your course and the teams you lead.

  • You will gain a robust understanding of how to leverage the ebbs and flows of upheaval in contemporary settings.



I Am a Gallon…He is a Shot glass.

This keynote topic is taken from the intriguing pages of the phenomenal relationship guide, Pouring My Love in Broken Vessels, authored by Kimberly W. Massey.  

Life is based upon a series of relationships.  Intimate relationships are the catalyst to the most ecstatic, fulfilling times in life.  Conversely, problematic relationships are a source of despair and gross disappointment.  The concept of capacity, the capacity to give love and receive love is one of the most common of all precarious ill-fated relationships.

  • You will learn how to use a reliable and sensible metric of relationship measurement to determine the viability of a disproportioned relationship.

  • You will understand specific and practical next steps during the course of your relationship journey.



“Progression In Reverse. What is your Perspective; Rearview Mirror or Windshield?”

The past is unquestionably certain and unequivocally unchangeable.  Yet, so much energy, thought and emotion is given to the past.  In stark contrast, the future is ambiguous but abundant in hope, opportunity and transformation. In this keynote topic:

  • You will learn to identify the covert behaviors and subversive thought process that progressively hinder your forward motion.

  • You will be prepared to effectively apply theories of well-being and wholeness


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